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TripleClicks is an online store with its physical presence launched on January 5th, 2009 with approximately 6,000 products,  but that was just the beginning.

Online Megastore


The list has now grown to almost 90,000 products from 160 countries worldwide and  hundreds of new products are added weekly.

What Can I find in TripleClicks?







The Pricebenders™ Penny Auctions



Business Opportunities

You’ll also be interested to know that because of how they built TripleClicks, virtually any type of product or service can be added. TripleClicks provides SFI affiliates with a world-class instrument for generating Internet income.


There are various ways to generate supplemental income with TripleClicks:


1. E-Commerce Associate Program

In simple terms, if you are an independent seller you can plug into their ECA (E-Commerce Associates) program and promote your OWN products or services  through a fast growing network!

I know many of us in SFI are very much focused on recruiting and sponsoring our downlines and promoting games, auctions and products at TripleClicks.However, I would like to draw your attention to a very important part of the SFI business that may get overlooked, but that could make you a great income – the ECA (E-Commerce Associates) program!


I’m sure all of us buy products online sometimes. Well, to be able to buy those products, we need people selling them.

And, I imagine, almost all of us must know 1 or more small businesses or independent people who have products they sell, or services they offer. Do you know freelance website designers or SEO consultants for instance?

Many of us will know talented artists, or people who like to make handicrafts or unique jewellery. How many of us have told friends “You make those? They’re great. You could sell those!”

Or, if you really want to make the most of the ECA program, you could go introducing yourself to small businesses and shop-owners in your town, make appointments to discuss how you could help them increase their sales, give business cards, containing your ECA website, out to business people you meet.

ALL of these people would make great prospects for our ECA program. They could open their own ECA store at TripleClicks.


  • If they already have a physical, registered business, or they already sell online, it may NOT cost them a penny to open an ECA store.
  • If they don’t already operate a physical or online business, they may need to purchase a New Seller License from TripleClicks which is a once-only fee of just $40.


SFI has already provided us with a very comprehensive list of aids and methods (Beginner – Advanced) to easily and successfully approach a potential ECA candidate. Just follow the link below and choose whichever feels more natural to utilize:

ECA Marketing


When they are accepted as an ECA, they will pay:

  • NO Monthly Fees,
  • NO Product Listing Fees
  • ONLY 15% commission, ONLY on actual sales

This is cheaper than eBay or Amazon stores. There’s NO risk!

If your ECAs sell high-value products, like computers, televisions or furniture, or high-demand consumables like mobile phone accessories, then they could be a very nice earner, for themselves and for you!

Can you think of something you could sell yourself, or a service you could offer? Or your partner? You could open your own ECA store.

There are now OVER FOUR MILLION TripleClicks members, all potential customers.


What do you, as an ECA referrer, earn?

  • 100 VersaPoints when your referral is accepted as an ECA and generates their first $10 in sales.
  • 10% of the Commission Volume (CV) – that is 10& of the 15% commission they pay on sales – on ALL of their sales, FOR LIFE! Remember we have TripleClicks and 1000s of SFI affiliates all over the world promoting products from the ECA stores.
  •   45% of the CV on ALL sales made to your PRMs (Personally Referred Members) that YOU have introduced to TripleClicks using your affiliate link/gateway FOR LIFE!
  • This applies to products sold not only by your referred ECAs but to all         future purchases from the entire TripleClicks site.
  • If you refer a new ECA, then you also refer a new PRM, and your PRM buys a product from YOUR ECA, you earn BOTH sets of commission, so you will earn 55% of the CV.
  • You earn the VPs attached to your PRMs purchases. These will help increase your SFI rank.
  • If any of your PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) buy from your referred ECA, you will also earn 55% of the CV.
  • If any of your CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) buy from your referred ECA, you will earn 25% of the CV.
  • You can use these earnings from your ECAs, to help you increase your rank with SFI and earn more money from the TripleClicks Executive Pool.

If you are looking for ways to increase your SFI Earnings, becoming an ECA to promote your OWN products or simply promoting the ECA program, could be a very nice addition to your passive and residual income, and could reward you for years to come!


 2. SFI Affiliate Program

The Strong Future International program offers 5 star coaching on selling and promoting TripleClicks products and makes you eligible for up to 45% reccuring commisions! And the best thing, it is absolutely FREE to join. Click here to find more

 3. Garage Sales

The TripleClicks Member Listing Program allows you to sell your unwanted and unneeded stuff at Clean out your closets, attic, and garage and turn your clutter into easy cash.

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