Technical Requirements


Q: What kind of computer, etc. is needed to participate in Pricebenders™ auctions?
A: You of course need at a least a basic computer, Web browser and an Internet connection. For the BEST experience, however, we recommend:

For computer hardware:
• A single or dual core processor with speeds of 1.6GHz or higher
• 1 Gigabyte of RAM or more

Note: Mobile devices are not yet fully supported

For your Web browser:
• Latest version of Firefox ( or
• Latest version of Safari ( or
• Latest version of Chrome (

I do NOT recommend Opera or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

For your Internet connection:
• Broadband or
• High Speed or
• DSL or
• Cable

Shared access WiFI (such as found in hotels, airport, coffee shops, etc.) and mobile tethering (e.g. 3G) may not provide enough bandwidth. Dial-up is definitely NOT adequate.

Satellite Internet users may experience inconsistencies with the auction clock. Satellite Internet commonly has inherent latency or lag that is incompatible with the real-time nature of the auctions.