Shipping On Won Items


Q: What are the shipping fees on items I win?
A: Standard ground shipping is FREE on all auction items.

Q: How long does standard shipping take?
A: This will depend primarily on where you live. Within the United States, shipping will typically take no longer than 5-10 days. Outside of the United States, shipping can take 2-4 weeks and even longer in some instances. Please contact Customer Care if you have any questions about deliveries.

Q: Is 2-Day Air shipping or overnight shipping available?
A: Not at this time, but we may make these options available later.

Q: Where will TripleClicks ship to?
A: Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all auction items are available for shipping worldwide.


  1. Iam Roselin from India, Shall I get auction products to my country, If yes please let me know

    • Hi Roselin,

      All products are eligible for shipping worldwide unless expilicitly noted otherwise in the featured item description. In the case, a certain product can not be shipped to your country, a gift certificate will be issued to you upon winning the featured item in order to redeem it for cash or for the actual product from your nearest Amazon outlet.


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