How to WIN an Auction the SMART Way!

As you might have experienced, online penny auctions are extremely popular these days. Through Pricebenders™ Penny auctions, one of the best penny auction sites I have come across online, TripleClicks members get to win brand name products up to 98% off but how?auction image

Here are some steps, tips and tricks that can help you win, BIG!

Steps to WIN

 1. Become A TripleClicks member and create your OWN Avatar

avatarTo participate in any type of Pricebenders™ penny auctions you need to become a Tripleclicks member first. After you sign up to the platform for FREE, you want to create and upload an avatar. It is super easy and it only takes a few minutes.

You can design your very own, unique avatar for FREE here.

Tip: Once you upload your avatar in the TripleClicks platform, take a moment to pick a smart nickname! The participants of penny auctions are people like you and me, and the only way to win is either by having a lucky day or by out-smarting the people we bid against.

I don’t know about you but I don’t believe in luck. You can choose between two types of usernames, sneaky or intimidating.  The science project method behind this trick is to manipulate the way bidders think and how they choose to bid.

  • Sneaky: Choose a sneaky nickname type to make the competition feel insecure by considering you a “special” bidder, not just a plain vanilla one.  Here are some ideas to use when you sign up: Bid Closed, Item Gone, Private Auction, Bidding Is Closed, Closed, Auction Down, Ended etc. you catch my drift. I mean..even if they realize your trick they simply won’t feel secure bidding against you because you are not the average Joe in their mind.
  • Intimidating:  The trick with an intimidating username is to create a sense of authority within the bidding circle. Try not to pick an offensive one, otherwise bidders might react the same when it comes to gameplay. A few good examples would be: I Own Auctions, I Always Win, YouWontWin etc.

The reason I insist on specific usernames is that bidders, don’t feel comfortable around them and they very often back off from the auction, especially if they are new to penny auctions. However, if one of your liking is not available or you can’t come up with any ideas, this is not an indispensable strategy.

2. Review the  Auction Types and Choose the Right One for You

auction center

  •  “1WA” auctions are open only to bidders who have not won a Pricebenders™ auction before, while “Jr” (Junior) auctions are open to bidders who have won a total of fewer than 9 auctions.
  • The auction item is usually of lesser value, but there are fewer bidders and no “whales” to compete against. Those are great to test the waters, gain confindence and experience your first WIN.
  • DP auctions grant you Double MRP (Member Reward Points) for every TCredit you spend on them. Big Dog are Open bidding even if you’ve reached your standard win limit and there is a maximum 1 Big Dog win per day.

3. Study the Pattern of Prior Auctions


First thing you must do when you drop on a penny auction site is to analyze the winning board.

winners 4

You want to spot the power bidders.

These guys are “players” in the most literal sense, they have a lot of TCredits at their disposal, and I mean a LOT!

So here is what you need to do: Take a look at the penny auctions you are interested in and note down the bidders. You should see that there are certain days of the week, times of the day and types of items that are less competitive.


There will be a lot more bidders for the XBOX one than for the Dragon Touch Tablet PC.

Don’t bid on items that you really don’t want but don’t throw away your TCredits hoping beyond hope that you will win a $1,000 item with just a few of them either. Work the system to your advantage. Come back a few hours later and ignore the auctions where you see the same bidders at the table.

So, now that you have filtered out the power bidders keep this in mind:

  •  Bid on one auction only! and no more than 3 participants including you!
  • Don’t bid on the first auction. When an auction ends it will disappear; this way the previous penny auction will go up, making the first auction to  be the longest one. And if it’s the longest auction you want to avoid that, sometimes power bidders pay more than the item value just for their ego.
  • The perfect price range you want to use your TCredits is from $2.20 to $30.


4. Determine a TCredit Budget for Bidding and Stick to It.


It would be wise to purchase your TCredits for bids in bulk if you can.

In this way, you’ll minimize your cost per TCredit (as low as $0.29 each) and ensure you’ll have as many as you need to complete an auction. Running out of TCredits at the last moment can be costly…and heartbreaking!

Around 300 credits in your account should give you enough confidence. Also keep in mind, that any used TCredit grants you 5 or 10 Member Reward Points. That means that you can convert a good portion of those MRPs to new TCredits for future use.

Xtra Tip: Make sure you participate in all TripleClicks drawings (Most entries are FREE) such as T-Time, Daily Crown and Eager Zebra Games with BIG chances to WIN huge TCredit Zackpots daily!

SFI Affiliates may also win/earn free TCredits via E365, Daily Grand, DistribuSTAR daily drawing, Bonus TCredits program, transfers, etc.

5. Be at the Ready With your Strategy

The Bid-War Strategy

This is very simple and the fastest way to get your hands on a certain item. It is also one that employs the “scary” nickname we talked about, so it would be good to have one figured out.

90% of the penny auction bidders wait until the last seconds to place their bids. This gives them the impression they have more chances of winning but, in reality this is not the case.

In all honesty, It doesn’t matter when you place your bid, you win only if you don’t get outbidded. So here is the trick: you must bid very aggressively in order to manipulate how the other bidders think.

Basically, you want them to think you have a lot of TCredits on your hands and that you are a penny auctions hardcore player.

Think of those scenes in the movies where 2 fast motorcycles drive towards each other on a collision course, well..you have to make the other participant(s) swerve. So here is how it goes, when you get outbidded you place your bid as fast as you can, “this is my item” kinda attitude.

The majority of the people on the Pricebenders penny auction site buy the smallest TCredits pack and no other package after they spend the bids. I don’t want to go into mathematics but this is based on how the advertisement is done compared to the reaction of the user etc.

Some of them won’t take you seriously at first but when they see you pass that magic bids placed mark they will eventually back off. It is very simple and the fastest way to get your hands on an item.

The “Snail” Strategy

Use this strategy if you have a bit of time on your hands. This is going to be slow, hence the snail name, but this is the best strategy if you want to slay the auctions. It’s also the safest strategy, doing this chances for you to lose are close to 0.

So, who do you think is bidding on Pricebenders penny auctions? I’ll tell you! People who have very few bids left, making bid pack auctions to be the easiest to win. Most of the participants in auction won’t have 5 bids left. The worthier and easiest to win considering your number of bids  ( 130 bids ), is the 200 TCredits pack and the 500 TCredits pack.

So here is what you must do:  Divide your total number of bids to 3 and spend only that amount on each 200-500 bids penny auction. Start only after 50 bids take place from other people.

If you stick to the rules in the worst case scenario you will win only one auction and still making it profitable for you. Do not bid on any other bid pack, less that 200 it won’t be worthy and bigger than 500 and you have people with many bids on your head. Do not bid on Gift Cards + Promo Bids! Stick to TCredit packs only!

This works amazingly well with a sneaky username because so many newcomers bid here. Not so many of these power TCredit pack penny auctions pop up every day, but if you have the time it definitely worth. You can see the coming auctions days before. Anyway after you win a couple of times you can go for cool items such as iPhones, laptops, TVs etc, who wants to win $10 gift cards anyway…..

6. Be In It to Win It


Don’t participate with a few TCredits in many auctions but rather concentrate your bids on the very few that really matter.

You have got to be willing to put a sizable number of TCredits behind your involvement in an auction to ensure that you outlast other bidders. Buy plenty of them in advance to make sure that you don’t run out mid-auction.

7. Consider Using the Pricebenders™ Bid Assist with Care!

bid assist


This useful tool–located in the sidebar–can ensure your bids are entered automatically, so you won’t have to stand by monitoring an auction…but it should be used carefully and with your budget in mind.

Tip: Let’s say you think an item’s final price is going to be $5.75. A smart auto-bid might be to set up, say, 10 TCredits for between $5.50 and $6.00. Of course, keep in mind that if the price never reaches $5.50, none of your bids will be placed. Conversely, if the price goes beyond $6.00, someone else may win the auction after your ten TCredits have been automatically bid.

8. Keep the Faith and Have Fun

Don’t expect to win right away or to win money games online without purchasing TCredits.

The Free Bids give you a chance to get a taste of the action and a feel for how it all works without risk. Winners buy plenty of bids and are willing to commit when they select an auction they want to win.

They don’t win every time, and didn’t necessarily win in the beginning, but they continued and developed strategies that have paid off for them. You can be a winner too if you learn how to work the system to your advantage.

For more tips and strategies for winning Pricebenders™ auctions CLICK HERE

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Happy Bidding and Good Luck! 🙂


  1. Hello! I am back to your website for more great info! I read your other post a few days ago and I just had to know more about these auctions! This post answered many questions for me but it’s still seems somewhat complicated. I wonder how many auctions you have won! A whole lot I guess! I will definitely try your tips when I spot some auction. Thank you so much for sharing! I will be visiting for more tips!

    • Hi Katerina,
      It only seems complicated until you start doing it. Sure, it helps to be prepared and make careful moves, but like anything in life, it takes a certain degree of action to clear the way. I had my fair share of wins but nothing tops that first one. It was a lesser item tbh, BUT, the feeling that you actually WON was unparallel! Hope the information helps you experience just that!
      Have a great day!

  2. Hi George, I haven’t tried this kind of auction before. It looks really interesting and fun. I guess I need some poker skills! I like to enter contests so I might try this and learn something new. You really went into detail to explain it all. Really appreciate that. Bookmarked your post so I can refer to it when I go try it out. Thanks! Gina

    • Hi Gina,
      The Pricebenders penny auctions work on a whole different concept. If you play it smart you can save tons of money off retail price. You just need a good plan and some level of persistence! Hope the article helps you experience many awesome Wins!

  3. Pricebenders penny auctions looks cool! Thanks for the tips on how to win. I especially like the advice on choosing a user name.

    • Thx Vic!
      It is a really cool trick based on psychology. It puts your competition in a disadvantage if you pick up a “proper” one. Happy Wins my friend!

  4. I haven’t tried participating in auctions but Im considering on trying it since Ive read your article.

    • Hello Keye,
      I really do hope the steps help you enjoy many wins with Pricebenders. Remember: The key is to outsmart your fellow bidders within the desired price range.
      Best of Luck! 🙂

  5. I gave my daughter the link to this page. She is online trying to win stuff, or buy things at a discount. Maybe this will help her get even bigger discounts. 😉
    ~ Melinda

    • Hi Melinda,
      The auctions are a good choice for huge discounts if played right! Follow the steps and you stand a good chance!
      I would also suggest to browse the TripleClicks Store platform thoroughly as there’s a huge selection
      of products that can be found individually and not just in “auction” mode. I always go for digital products
      as they are super cheap and no shipping involved.
      Best of Luck! 🙂

  6. Fantastic post full of great information! And easy to follow too – this sort of auction has always scared me a little, but your advice will be a great help when I do decide to dip my toes in 🙂 Love the tip about the crafty usernames too – excellent 🙂

  7. Hi George,
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge here on how to win an auction. I have never thought of this before, but I can tell that you are very good at it. I will definitely apply those techniques when I spot an auction in the future. The point here is to have fun for that right? Wonderful!

    • Hi Edy,
      I am glad you found the techniques useful. I have always thought that things are more fun if you share them with people. That’s the purpose of this site. To help and share the fun! Stick with us for there is MORE to come.
      Wish you good luck and many many awesome wins!

  8. Omg! I tried it last night with a lesser item and WON! I don’t know if it was pure luck but I followed some of the steps here and it happened! Thank you so much for posting this!

    • That’s awesome Lea!
      It doesn’t matter if you won an item of smaller value! A WIN is a WIN!
      Please, do share more about your experience!

      • Oh it was the tcredit 300 pak. I won it for $1.55! I only used 9 tcredits to bid and I was informed it retails for $96.00! I have never won anything so easy! With this haul I am definitely gonna go for the i-pad mini! Thank you so much!

        • Well done! In my opinion, that’s no lesser prize at all! Think of all the bids or the purchases you can make with those! Not to mention the MRPs you could be converting into new TCredits! I am so excited for you! Thank you for sharing your experience! It is truly inspiring and it got me more psyched to help more people achieve such amazing wins!
          I wish you keep slaying those auctions!

  9. Hi George,
    How cool is this? I’ve heard of these; but that’s about it. I stumbled upon your site, and so thankful I did. I’m checking them out now…can I say, Christmas Shopping time? I’m so excited about these Penny Auctions! Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Stacey,
      Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoy the information. If played right, penny auctions can be fun and result in many wins. Stick around and you will be provided with more useful tips.

  10. OK, I’ve always said it’s complicated, but now I know I am right: it is complicated. Probably the reason for not so many people doing it. Or doing it bad! 🙂
    But that’s ok, now that I found your site, I’ll stick to it and keep reading. Maybe I will get it eventually. 🙂

    • As with everything in life, one needs a solid plan and be willing to follow
      the Golden Rule: “Decision, Action, Persistence”. Thank you so much for your comment.
      I’ll keep posting relevant information to help you guys get your WINS 🙂

  11. Wonderful information. I was curious about how all this worked, and you have answered my questions. I’m going to bookmark your page so I can study it and maybe try to get into this! Thanks, Debby

    • Thank you Debby. I am more than glad you found it useful. Please do come back
      and share your story with our fellow bidders.

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