Bidding/How To Bid


Q: How do I get started?
A: First (if you’re not a member already), you’ll need to sign up as a TripleClicks member HERE, then head to our FEATURE AUCTION .

Next, you need some TripleClicks “TCredits” to bid with. TCredits are available in paks of 1, 10, 20, 50, and 200…and for as little as $.29 apiece. Note that TCredits can also be used for selling items on TripleClicks, participating in Eager Zebra games, purchasing products, downloading music, and more.

You can learn more about the benefits of TCredits HERE.

Once you’ve got your TCredits, you’re ready to start bidding…which is as simple as clicking the “Bid!” button on one of our auction pages. Be the final bidder and you win the item. It’s that simple!

Special note: With Pricebenders™, even when you don’t win the auction, you still win!…because for every bid, you earn 5 Member Rewards Points (MRP).

Q: How do I know if I’m the high bidder?
A: Each time a bid is received, the auction panel will automatically change to display the username of the latest bidder.

Note that bids can be coming in rapidly and you may not see your username appear every time you bid. If you just placed a bid and you see someone else’s username appear, it probably means that person placed a bid a fraction of a second after you did.

You can verify this by viewing the Bid Log located on the Auction Details Page. If you do not see your username on the Bid Log, you could be experiencing technical difficulties and you may wish to contact one of the Customer Care representatives for assistance.

Q: Can I see who is bidding on an auction?
A: Yes, we provide a Bid Log, which lists the usernames of the most recent 10 bids/bidders.

The Bid Log is located on the Auction Details Page. If you are viewing an auction from the TripleClicks homepage, to get to the Auction Details Page, just click on the title of the item being auctioned.

Q: What does “WBF” mean in the Notes column of the Pricebenders Auction Schedule?
A: When you see “WBF” in an auction’s Notes column, it means that it will be “Winner Bids Free” auction, and the winning bidder will receive all of his/her bids back upon completion of the auction.

Q: What does “1WA” mean in the Notes column of the Pricebenders Auction Schedule?
A: The term “1WA” in an auction’s Notes column indicates a special auction open ONLY to bidders who have never won a Pricebenders auction before.

Q: What does “UP” mean in the Notes column of the Pricebenders Auction Schedule?
A: The term “UP” in an auction’s Notes column indicates an auction for a product that has auctioned off for at least 95% off the retail price for the last five auctions (at least).

Q: I can’t be around my computer 24 hours a day. Is there any way to have bids placed when I’m not available?
A: Yes, under Bidding Tools in the sidebar, you can use Bid Assist and Bid Rescue to enter bids on your behalf. Activate them and these tools will instantly go to work to help you win auctions. Note: Bid Rescue is available for all live auctions.

Bid Assist is available on SOME auctions (as follows): Bid Assist is available for Big Dog auctions. It is not available for 1WA and Junior auctions (auctions designed for new bidders).

Other tiers designed for experienced Pricebenders bidders have a mixture of Bid Assist availability (some auctions will have it, some will not). See the Auction Schedule to identify specifically which auctions do not offer Bid Assist.

Q: I click the bid button, but nothing happens. What should I do?
A: Try restarting your Web browser. If that does not resolve it, try restarting your computer. Also, make sure you are using the recommended software and hardware specified below.

Q: What happens to the TCredits I’ve used in bidding if I don’t win the item?
A: Using a TCredit for bidding on a Pricebenders auction means you are spending it, the same as if you used a TCredit for listing something for sale on TripleClicks or buying a song from the store or any of the other actions for which TCredits can be used.

Q: So I used TCredits to bid with, but if I don’t win, I get nothing?
A: Even when you don’t win the auction, you still win! Because for every bid you place, you earn 5 Member Rewards Points (MRP).

1. Member Rewards Points expire one year after receipt.
2. MRP values on products are subject to change without notice.
3. In the event an item is out of stock or otherwise unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute a similar item of equal or greater value.
4. Thousands of TripleClicks products can be purchased with your MRP. Just browse other products at TripleClicks and look for the MRP value displayed next to an eligible item’s price.
5. MRP may not be combined with any other payment method. Be sure you have enough MRP on account before you attempt to purchase your product.
6. MRP cannot be used for shipping fees.

Q: Why not just return the TCredits to my account if I don’t win?
A: That’s simply not feasible. The whole reason that the winning price can be so low–often just a fraction of the retail price–is precisely because TCredits are spent on bidding.

That’s what pays for the products that are auctioned. Without this, this type of auction is not possible. If you are not comfortable with this type of auction, we recommend that you do not participate. Instead, you can use your TCredits on our many other products and available services.

Q: When does an auction end?
A: An auction ends when the auction clock hits zero (no time left), but the clock resets with each bid received.

Hence, there’s no way of knowing how long an auction will last. It will go on until only one bidder remains, who, of course, becomes the winner of the auction.

Q: I notice that the clock resets with each bid, but I also notice that the amount of time it resets to changes during the auction. Why is that?
A: Most of our auctions will begin with a five-minute countdown. As the number of bids increase, we decrease the clock time.

This is done to speed up the auction and hopefully produce really great deals (ultra-low prices) for our members.

Q: Is there a listing of winners available so I can see the kinds of deals being won?
A: Yes, see our RECENT WINNERS page HERE.

Q: You say auction items are brand new or refurbished. How will I know if it’s the latter?
A: Almost all of our auction items are brand new. If an item is refurbished, that will be clearly stated in its description.