Auction Limits


Q: Is there a limit to how many auctions I can win?
A: Yes, it works like this:  For most products, we’ve set a specific limit of how often you can win that item. For the majority of physical items, the limit is once every 30 days.

But there are also many other products, especially digital products, where the limit is once per day, five days, or ten days. And for products such as the 3-month TCredits subscription, the limit is one win per 90 days.

Additionally, there are several types of products that are very similar, such as TCredits packs or iPads. For items like these, they’ve put them in GROUPS, and the win limit applies to any product in the group.

Individual/group limits do not apply to Big Dog auctions. You can view win limits for a PriceBenders item in the sidebar on the item’s auction details page.

Additionally, you can win no more than six (6) auctions in a seven (7)-day period and no more than 18 auctions in a 30-day period.

TC members are also limited to winning two (2) WBF (Winner Bids Free) Pricebenders auctions in a 30-day period, with no more than one win every 10 days.

Q: What if I’ve reached the limit on the item I want to bid on?
A: You can wait until you’re allowed to bid on it again (the number of days until you can do so will be displayed at the auction).

OR, consider bidding on another item; They have numerous other great products up for bid every day with many more new items on the way.